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The one thing all these people possess? Sin


via PopCrunch

I don’t know where to begin. I guess first thing that comes to mind is how much I love that this guy hates Loud Mouthed Women, Muslim’s, Homo’s, Effeminate Men and Racist’s so very much. He also hates Catholic’s, Mormon’s, Jehovah’s Witness’s (Witnesses’?), Bahi’s (by which I assume he means Bahá’i’s), Pagan’s, Scientologist’s, Atheist’s, and Agnostic’s, New Ager’s, Buddhist’s and Idolater’s…but apparently is fine with the Jew’s? Loud Mouth Women, Feminist’s and Wifebeater’s. Sport’s Nut’s or maybe Sport’s/Nut’s? What in God’s name (no pun intended…ok maybe a little) is a High Fullutent, mayhaps someone in the act of being high falutin’? Do you think Jesus minds that he apparently thought of Goverment Recipient’s before Idolater’s and Adulterer’s and Thieve’s and Liar’s, the latter four being a Commandment’s and all?

Seriously, you could hold a class on just this picture…if you could figure out what subject. English? Typography? Philosophy? Theology? Graphic Design? Adult Education?

Definitely check the comments on PopCrunch out, there are some gems in there. There is also much discussion about what a P.K.’s could be. Preachers’ kid’s, Player Killer’s, ?