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Sheepish confession

Ok so maybe Twitter might not be quite so lame and superfluous. The last couple days my Google Reader has been acting…asshole-ish for lack of a more technical term. So I tried googling for some info, but of course, all that brought up was reviews and blog entries from 2 years ago. What I needed was something that would tell me if anyone else was having issue right now. Guess where I found such info…yep, twitter. :sigh: God help us.

Monday Linkage

Between Daylight Savings and Monday being housecleaning day around here, I am completely knackered. In lieu of an actual post, here are some links to stuff I found interesting today:

Wille’s New Desk @ Chez Larsson – I would love to have a couple of desks just like this in our computer room.

How To Make Pasta: Tips From My Italian-Mother-in-Law @ the kitchn – Will definitely be pouring over this before my next pasta making session.

Darn It! @ Craft:Blog – How have I gone this long without knowing how to darn?

and one last one just for giggles

Twitter’s Silent Star @ boingboing – a mime’s twitter

Why twitter will either be our savior…

or bring about the end of the world.

Virginia GOP Chairman’s Twitter Outreach: Massive Fail

Yesterday the Virginia GOP came very close to taking control of the state Senate, nearly luring a Democratic Senator to switch parties and put them at a 20-20 tie, which would have been broken by the Republican Lt. Governor. Then Jeff Frederick, a state legislator and the party chairman, ruined it all by Twittering …

Just imagine how different our world would have been if we had had Twitter:

q1356837637_3398 BenedictArnold Ya know, I am beginning to think the British aren’t such bad guys afterall.
229 years ago from web

japan#1Nakajima_B5N The sunrise in Pearl Harbor is beautiful. Cell service is great too.
68 years ago from mobile

images2AjaxtheLesser Waiting in this huge wooden horse waiting to ambush these dumb Trojan motherfuckers sucks monkeyballs. Smells like wet ass in here. PS Athena is a bitch.
3203 years ago from mobile