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Everything’s Amazing, and Nobody’s Happy

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It’s funny cuz it’s true!

I am sooo guilty of this. When I was little if you were interested in something from a company that didn’t have a storefront nearby (which you only found out about said store because you saw it in a magazine or on a commercial), then you had to either call (from a phone attached to a wall by a cord) or mail them and request a catalog. Once you decided what you wanted, you had to fill out an order form and again either call in said order or mail the form in.

Monday my electricity was out for a couple of hours while they were replacing a pole in front of our house. I considered finding out whether The Husband could fix it so our internet was on the battery backup so I could at least check Facebook.

My, how far we have come.

Why twitter will either be our savior…

or bring about the end of the world.

Virginia GOP Chairman’s Twitter Outreach: Massive Fail

Yesterday the Virginia GOP came very close to taking control of the state Senate, nearly luring a Democratic Senator to switch parties and put them at a 20-20 tie, which would have been broken by the Republican Lt. Governor. Then Jeff Frederick, a state legislator and the party chairman, ruined it all by Twittering …

Just imagine how different our world would have been if we had had Twitter:

q1356837637_3398 BenedictArnold Ya know, I am beginning to think the British aren’t such bad guys afterall.
229 years ago from web

japan#1Nakajima_B5N The sunrise in Pearl Harbor is beautiful. Cell service is great too.
68 years ago from mobile

images2AjaxtheLesser Waiting in this huge wooden horse waiting to ambush these dumb Trojan motherfuckers sucks monkeyballs. Smells like wet ass in here. PS Athena is a bitch.
3203 years ago from mobile


The mini retro media centre by Thomas Thomassen for his Final Major Project in BA (Hons) Modelmaking for Design and Media at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Question: How much would I love to have a box like this?

Answer: I would punch a baby penguin in the face…that’s how much.

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