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Monks – Monday links

Some stuff to peruse while I am housecleaning:


Before & After – Amy’s Louisiana home @ Design*Sponge – Absolutely beautiful and a rental. Louisiana represent!

Did you know? video via Larissa Meek – While watching this I paused it roughly every 10 secs to exclaim about a statistic to The Husband.

Vintage modern apartment in Germany @ decor8 – Love, love, love this apartment.

Homemade Pastrami, Part Deux @ Cruftbox– I have never tasted pastrami before, but now I really, really want to.

Darth Vadar recites the alphabet via swissmiss – The ABCs never sounded more imperial.

Bright White Storybook Kitchen @ Inside A Black Apple – Pretty much the cutest kitchen I have ever seen. Evar.

Recipe of the Day: Meat Pies @ NotQuiteJuneCleaver– My Mom and Dad make meat pies. These are so good, they will make you slap your mama. So you might want to consider eating them whilst not in her company.

Recipe: Gumbo with Chicken and Sausage

There is probably no food more contentious in Louisiana than gumbo. It’s absolutely true that every region/family/individual has it’s own set of requirements when it comes to deciding, not only what constitutes a good gumbo, but what you can get away with calling gumbo at all.

For my part, if it didn’t start with a roux, it ain’t gumbo. It’s soup. I don’t want any okra or tomatoes or filĂ© and I want my roux dark. And the only thing I want with it is rice and saltines, or maybe bread if I am feeling adventuresome.

The following is a variation on my late grandmother’s recipe.

gumbo 117


1 whole chicken
pound or so of sausage, I used Doucet’s smoked sausage, but any smoked sausage or andouille will do
green bell pepper
green onions
1 cup flour
1 cup vegetable oil
black pepper
saltine crackers

gumbo 041

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