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I think I have the consumption…

Well had actually. The Husband and I have spent the last week honing our Darth Vadar-with-hay-fever impersonations. As a result, I am behind on pretty much life in general (really good for the OCD).

I think my feedreader has suffered the most though, as I was already behind. One of my feeds has over 700 posts unread. /headdesk

So as much for my own benefit as anything, below are some things of interest I have run across in trying to wade through my reader that I want to keep for revisiting later.

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Monks – Monday links

Some stuff to peruse while I am housecleaning:


Before & After – Amy’s Louisiana home @ Design*Sponge – Absolutely beautiful and a rental. Louisiana represent!

Did you know? video via Larissa Meek – While watching this I paused it roughly every 10 secs to exclaim about a statistic to The Husband.

Vintage modern apartment in Germany @ decor8 – Love, love, love this apartment.

Homemade Pastrami, Part Deux @ Cruftbox– I have never tasted pastrami before, but now I really, really want to.

Darth Vadar recites the alphabet via swissmiss – The ABCs never sounded more imperial.

Bright White Storybook Kitchen @ Inside A Black Apple – Pretty much the cutest kitchen I have ever seen. Evar.

Recipe of the Day: Meat Pies @ NotQuiteJuneCleaver– My Mom and Dad make meat pies. These are so good, they will make you slap your mama. So you might want to consider eating them whilst not in her company.

Monday Linkage

Between Daylight Savings and Monday being housecleaning day around here, I am completely knackered. In lieu of an actual post, here are some links to stuff I found interesting today:

Wille’s New Desk @ Chez Larsson – I would love to have a couple of desks just like this in our computer room.

How To Make Pasta: Tips From My Italian-Mother-in-Law @ the kitchn – Will definitely be pouring over this before my next pasta making session.

Darn It! @ Craft:Blog – How have I gone this long without knowing how to darn?

and one last one just for giggles

Twitter’s Silent Star @ boingboing – a mime’s twitter