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I have a confession

Not only am a total geek…I am also somewhat of a trekkie.

I have seen all the movies many times*, every episode of The Next Generation several times, most episodes of Deep Space 9 (everything but the very last season I think), a few episodes of Enterprise and even watched the whole first season of Voyager before giving it up as a lost cause. I have even been known to make the occasional reference in everyday conversation (and I possess a Bajoran earring and a Property of Starfleet Academy sweatshirt).

I know there has been a lot of bellyaching and gnashing of teeth about the upcoming revamp, but I for one can’t wait to see it.

And while I having a geek confessional, let me also say that I also can’t wait for the new Wolverine movie. Hopefully it will get the franchise back on track after the last two X-Men movies were so disappointing.

*Although I just saw the scene in Wrath of Khan with the ear lobster things for the first time last year. It was the first time I could watch it without hiding my eyes like I had done since first seeing it as a little kid.