Bathtub IV

A very cool tilt-shift video.

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

More videos by Keith Loutit available here

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The luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (a little late)!

After a full week of being chilly and just generally dreary and rainy, the Sun made an appearance today, finally.

march09 031
All the rain made the ferns on the old oak tree in our front yard go crazy. Silver lining and all that.

march09 037

While taking pictures of the fern, I also got a photo of this little guy. He flitting around like crazy and this is the closest thing to a decent one I got of him.

march09 051

While at the parentseses this weekend, Mom gave me a metric asston of herb seedlings of all kinds. Hopefully, I can refrain from killing them. If so, it will save me a fortune as I buy quite a bit of fresh herbs.

moon 005

I have a bit of an obsession with photographing the moon, this is the best one I have taken yet though. I am hoping that during the next full one it will be nice, clear weather so we can stay with the in-laws and I can get some good ones out over the lake.

Blech argh fleh

What a difference a couple days and 30 degrees can make. After being the picture of perfect spring weather for several days, it has again turned cold (relatively speaking of course) and dreary. Every bit of my energy being swept away with the warm weather, all I want to do is curl back up into bed and hibernate.

Until my moxie returns, here are a few pictures I took during the awesome weather:

spring09 014 pink purple

spring09 006

spring09 005

Ah Mother Nature, what a exasperating trollop you are.

When you photograph people

in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant

My mom as been going through old family photos, scanning them and uploading them to facebook. My family has a, perhaps unusual, fondness for family photos…come to think of it, maybe just photography in general. When we all get together, about 1 out of 3 times we will end up looking at photos for at least an hour. Anyway, I thought I might share a few here.

This is my mom’s dad (my Papa) cooking at his parents’ house in Texas as a teenager. The love of food runs deep in my family. When my grandparents first got married, my Papa did almost all of the cooking. He had learned growing up on the farm and because, where they lived in Texas, home ec was required for all student, boys and girls. My grandmother (my Nonnie) knew some basics but the primary cook when she was growing up was her sister (16 years her senior), who didn’t like people in the kitchen when she was cooking. The story is that the first time Nonnie tried to fry chicken she didn’t know that you had to bread it, she just threw chicken pieces in hot grease and wondered why it wasn’t getting crusty.

That’s my great-grandmother (my Bondon) with my great-uncle David and Papa as a baby. Given Papa’s age, this was the second half of 1933. You could definitely tell that Bondon was from the Great Depression generation. Even during the mid-to-late 80s and the resurgence of consumerism, she abhorred waste of any kind. I remember her once eating mayonnaise straight out of the jar because it was about to go out of date and she didn’t want it to spoil.

This is Nonnie when she was about 14 during WWII. Isn’t she beautiful? Nonnie’s two brothers, Jack and Charlie, were both in Europe during WWII. During this time, families of killed or missing soldiers were notified by telegraph which was delivered by a bicycle messenger. As a result, every time someone would see the bicycle messenger they would all hold their breath until he passed. One day he didn’t pass. He rode up to the porch and delivered a telegraph to Nonnie’s sister’s house. Nonnie was sent to her mother’s house (she lived down the street) to get her, she ran as hard as she could and then they both ran back. Nonnie said by the time they got back, she was just about to pass out from being out of breath and nerves. So finally everyone is gathered up and they open the telegraph, without saying a word Nonnie’s sister reads it and then hands it over to her mother who then reads it and continues to stare at it. Finally everyone else about to be in hysterics, she reads it. It was from her brother Jack, he had spent (ie gambled) all his money, could they send him a few dollars. Of course, I don’t tell it as well as she did, Nonnie could spin a quite a yarn.


This is my mom and her brother. Check out that stroller. Also notice how pristine those socks and shoes are.

That’s Papa, my uncle Butch, my mom and Nonnie. Don’t they look fine? Like they are straight out of MadMen.

My uncles Scott (bottom left) and Butch. That’s a pair right there, it’s a wonder Nonnie wasn’t crazier than she was. Like the time they were out playing (around the same age they are in the picture) and Butch comes running in screaming that Scott had been run over by the neighbor and she (Nonnie) has got to come help him (!). Nonnie runs out into the street frantically looking for Scott’s little broken body, Butch the whole time scream hysterically “Help him Mama, you have to help him”. She gets into the street and doesn’t see Scott anywhere, she turns around to ask Butch where he is and sees him standing in the yard just a cackling, she also then happens to notice the garbage can shaking suspiciously. She goes over and takes the lid off the can and there is Scott trying his hardest not to laugh. Can you imagine? I would have sold them both to the circus.

Monday Linkage

Between Daylight Savings and Monday being housecleaning day around here, I am completely knackered. In lieu of an actual post, here are some links to stuff I found interesting today:

Wille’s New Desk @ Chez Larsson – I would love to have a couple of desks just like this in our computer room.

How To Make Pasta: Tips From My Italian-Mother-in-Law @ the kitchn – Will definitely be pouring over this before my next pasta making session.

Darn It! @ Craft:Blog – How have I gone this long without knowing how to darn?

and one last one just for giggles

Twitter’s Silent Star @ boingboing – a mime’s twitter

I have a confession

Not only am a total geek…I am also somewhat of a trekkie.

I have seen all the movies many times*, every episode of The Next Generation several times, most episodes of Deep Space 9 (everything but the very last season I think), a few episodes of Enterprise and even watched the whole first season of Voyager before giving it up as a lost cause. I have even been known to make the occasional reference in everyday conversation (and I possess a Bajoran earring and a Property of Starfleet Academy sweatshirt).

I know there has been a lot of bellyaching and gnashing of teeth about the upcoming revamp, but I for one can’t wait to see it.

And while I having a geek confessional, let me also say that I also can’t wait for the new Wolverine movie. Hopefully it will get the franchise back on track after the last two X-Men movies were so disappointing.

*Although I just saw the scene in Wrath of Khan with the ear lobster things for the first time last year. It was the first time I could watch it without hiding my eyes like I had done since first seeing it as a little kid.

I am so doing this…


diy project: window films via Design*Sponge

There are actually several windows I would like to try this on. I am not a huge fan of window treatments in general. They get dusty and dirty and what’s the point in having a window if you are going to just cover it up? But our house is also on a busy street (both in vehicle and foot traffic), so not using something for privacy is out of the question. This seems like the perfect compromise!

Everything’s Amazing, and Nobody’s Happy

via Behind the Curtain

It’s funny cuz it’s true!

I am sooo guilty of this. When I was little if you were interested in something from a company that didn’t have a storefront nearby (which you only found out about said store because you saw it in a magazine or on a commercial), then you had to either call (from a phone attached to a wall by a cord) or mail them and request a catalog. Once you decided what you wanted, you had to fill out an order form and again either call in said order or mail the form in.

Monday my electricity was out for a couple of hours while they were replacing a pole in front of our house. I considered finding out whether The Husband could fix it so our internet was on the battery backup so I could at least check Facebook.

My, how far we have come.

Recipe: Gumbo with Chicken and Sausage

There is probably no food more contentious in Louisiana than gumbo. It’s absolutely true that every region/family/individual has it’s own set of requirements when it comes to deciding, not only what constitutes a good gumbo, but what you can get away with calling gumbo at all.

For my part, if it didn’t start with a roux, it ain’t gumbo. It’s soup. I don’t want any okra or tomatoes or filĂ© and I want my roux dark. And the only thing I want with it is rice and saltines, or maybe bread if I am feeling adventuresome.

The following is a variation on my late grandmother’s recipe.

gumbo 117


1 whole chicken
pound or so of sausage, I used Doucet’s smoked sausage, but any smoked sausage or andouille will do
green bell pepper
green onions
1 cup flour
1 cup vegetable oil
black pepper
saltine crackers

gumbo 041

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Back in working order…

It’s taken longer than I had hoped (of course), but everything should be back in working order. If you have any trouble or experience any bugs, please let me know.

Sunset on Toledo Bend