Like a Hoover only useless

suck 010

This should be under the Merriam-Webster’s definition of “suck”.

I have been working on this pair of socks for…ages, since way before last Christmas. But they are just a pair for myself so I was in no great hurry, just working on them here and there as I have a few minutes.

The yarn is one of the normal mass-production yarns…Patons I think. I have the label but I am too lazy to go hunt it down. Anyway, I had two balls of it, one for each sock. Now when I made the first sock, I ended up pretty much havingĀ  just enough to finish it (and I was sweating it there at the end), but I did finish it. So I don’t know where I went wrong. Maybe my beginning tail was longer or over all those months my gauge loosened up or I finished the other during a waning moon instead of a waxing or there is a small discrepancy from one ball to the next. All I know is I felt like crying when it became apparent that it just wasn’t going to make it. Sure, it’s not that big of a deal, if I really tried I could have it redone a couple days, but I was sooo ready to have them done…even though it is now June and just the thought of wearing wool socks makes me want to chew my feet off, it just would have been nice to have a project completed, haven’t had a whole lot of those lately.

The offending sock has now been frogged and recasted-on (is that English?). I decided I would give it one more try and if I still come up short I will just…set fire to it. Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.

I think I have the consumption…

Well had actually. The Husband and I have spent the last week honing our Darth Vadar-with-hay-fever impersonations. As a result, I am behind on pretty much life in general (really good for the OCD).

I think my feedreader has suffered the most though, as I was already behind. One of my feeds has over 700 posts unread. /headdesk

So as much for my own benefit as anything, below are some things of interest I have run across in trying to wade through my reader that I want to keep for revisiting later.

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A day late and a dollar short

Ok, so maybe a little more than a day.

mothersday 123

This weekend we celebrated the combo Mothers’ Day/My sister Rachel’s 17th birthday with another crawfish boil.

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I think my nerdage is showing

I seriously want to see this movie. I won’t give anything away before the trailer, so:

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Deep in the heart of Texas

dallas 144

This weekend The Husband and I joined my Mom and younger siblings for a holiday weekend in Dallas. My mom was meeting Ms. EllynAnne Geisel there and attending her book signing, so we all decided to tag-along and make a vacation of it.

So Friday morningish we set out in a two-vehicle caravan and headed west.

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Exercise in frustration

Isn’t the recipe box my mom bought me too cute? It makes me way to type up every recipe I have on some cute little recipe cards.

I finally, finally, finally have the new design done and implemented. It took exponentially longer than I thought it would*, but I am quite happy with it for now. I don’t even know why it took so long, I had the mock-up done in a day or so and the bulk of the layout marked up in the same. See, this is the problem with being crazy, you get so wrapped up in details that the next thing you know it’s 6 hours later and you still haven’t figured out why <insert element here> is being a total <insert expletive here>. Plus, for someone who isn’t employed, I seem to be really busy lately. Anywho, it’s all done now.

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Monks – Monday links

Some stuff to peruse while I am housecleaning:


Before & After – Amy’s Louisiana home @ Design*Sponge – Absolutely beautiful and a rental. Louisiana represent!

Did you know? video via Larissa Meek – While watching this I paused it roughly every 10 secs to exclaim about a statistic to The Husband.

Vintage modern apartment in Germany @ decor8 – Love, love, love this apartment.

Homemade Pastrami, Part Deux @ Cruftbox– I have never tasted pastrami before, but now I really, really want to.

Darth Vadar recites the alphabet via swissmiss – The ABCs never sounded more imperial.

Bright White Storybook Kitchen @ Inside A Black Apple – Pretty much the cutest kitchen I have ever seen. Evar.

Recipe of the Day: Meat Pies @ NotQuiteJuneCleaver– My Mom and Dad make meat pies. These are so good, they will make you slap your mama. So you might want to consider eating them whilst not in her company.

Family crawfish boil

There is something that happens to a person from Louisiana whenever the weather starts warming up, when the bone-chilling wind becomes a soft breeze. Like a bell to Pavlov’s dog, Spring means crawfish boil time.

crawfishboiletc 074

So Sunday morning my Daddy and sister drive down south to pick some up and, mein Gott, were they good.

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Still here

I know I have posted in well over a week, I suck. First there was just nothing really to report and then I was busy doing this and that.

One of the this-and-thats is that I am working on a new design for here. Hopefully I can have it done this week, but I am trying to take my time and get it all right so maybe I will be able to go a good while before getting the urge to redo it again. I have to say, I am pretty proud of how it’s turning out.

Also Sunday we went to my parents’ and had a crawfish boil. Fun was had, many pictures taken. Hopefully I will also get those posted in the next day or so.

So bare with me. I know it has been slow, but there is stuff coming down the chute.

Sheepish confession

Ok so maybe Twitter might not be quite so lame and superfluous. The last couple days my Google Reader has been acting…asshole-ish for lack of a more technical term. So I tried googling for some info, but of course, all that brought up was reviews and blog entries from 2 years ago. What I needed was something that would tell me if anyone else was having issue right now. Guess where I found such info…yep, twitter. :sigh: God help us.