Bottoms are made out of Spring

Thank you, 8lbs 6oz Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden, fleece diapers, Spring is finally here. Ok, so technically, Spring has been here for a while and also technically anyone north of Interstate 20 would probably say it’s been here for weeks. But they would be wrong, damn it. It’s not Spring until the azaleas and dogwood are in full bloom and it sure as hell isn’t Spring if it is snowing like it was weekend before last.

I swear that was the longest, freakiest, snowiest (!), coldest winter in memory, which granted, isn’t great, but I think we would remember it snowing in freaking March in Louisiana. Or any other month for that matter.

Ok enough about the weather, I’m not 30 yet.

Other than marveling at the weather, I have mostly just been doing some much needed Spring cleaning (I swear there is a black hole in our guest room that attracts random crap). All in preparation for eventually painting our bedroom finally:

The color is Mica from Martha Stewart’s Sherwin-Williams collection from a few years ago. Yes, I still have all my paint swatches. Yes, I have…issues. Any other questions?

The knitting/crocheting projects have begun to dwindle as it is warming up. Lately I have just been working on these:

Just plain old squares made from leftover sock yard scraps. I haven’t decided what exactly I am going to do with them yet, but I needed something to do with my hands while we watch tv and this was the cheapest thing I could come up with. Hey, at least I am not biting my fingernails.

Also, I have been trying to experiment with being more adventurous with post-processing my photos. I know people that actually know me will find it hard to believe, but I tend to get a bit tied up in details. This extends to touching up my photos also. I am too worried about losing a detail of a tree that the forest isn’t shown to it’s full potential, if that makes any sense. So I have been working on that lately. Not sure if I have exactly found my footing, or my perspective (pun!), just yet, but I figure I have to start somewhere.

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