A Snowball’s Chance

yetmoresnowagain 084

Pretty sure the core has stopped spinning. And Hell has frozen over.

yetmoresnowagain 098

Since last posting:

a) We succeeded in getting our plumbing work completed. By the way, having people roaming about my house (inside and out) all day for 2 days, while simultaneously have no water so I can neither pee, wash my hands, nor clean anything and then writing a check equivalent to about 5 months worth of mortgage payments is pretty close to my own little personal hell. Do you know how many times a crazy person washes their hands in a day? A lot a lot.

b) Watched the Saints win the Super Bowl. We are not “football people”. Actually, strike that, we aren’t “sports people”. We might occasionally watch various sporting endeavors but we don’t really get emotionally invested in them the way a lot of people do. That being said, it was pretty cool that they won. The Saints going to the Super Bowl, much less winning it, is right up there with with central Louisiana getting half a foot of snow in a single day. Oh, wait.

c) It snowed! Like forrealzies. It snowed like it snows in places where it snows. And I got pictures:

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More can be seen on my photostream.


  • February 17, 2010 - 9:09 am | Permalink

    So you remember the time I read “Vegetables for Birth Control”? And read most of the article and couldn’t really understand what the closing argument was going to be before realizing it was Vegetables for WEIGHT Control? Yeah. Well, I read “Rare Snow Bears Down IN Deep South”. Snow bears. SNOW BEARS =:0!!! HELPPPP!!! They are killing machines! And snow bears are probably worse. Then I click on your link…O M G they are everywhere!!! Gawd almighty. More coffee please.

    Oh and your pictures are amazing.

    • gesikah
      February 17, 2010 - 11:40 am | Permalink

      Haha, so were these snow bears “down” like parachuting down into the Deep South or where they “down” like were being taken down?

      And thanks. :D

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