Freeze the balls off a pool table

spring09 038

Why, hi there. Long time, no see. <insert apology and valid excuse for not blogging>

Now that that’s out of the way: It’s freaking freezing here. Ferrealzies. Not like normal Southern “Oh crap, eight whole hours below 32 degrees” kind of cold, we are talking about several consecutive days of cold and the forecast for this weekend being “We’re all gonna die!”.

Now anyone north of say…Interstate 20 is probably saying “What a bunch of greenhorns”, voice dripping with contempt. But, people, we are not used to cold. We say the same thing about you when you start dropping like the petals of a delicate flower when it gets above 95 degrees. How not-used-to-it are we? Until this year, I did not have what could strictly be called a “coat”. I have a couple jackets, a hoodie or two. The only hat we had in the house was The Husband’s baseball cap. Gloves? I think I have some rubber ones around here somewhere I use when I chop peppers.

All this to say that all I have been doing since Christmas is hibernating: knitting (but failing miserably at taking pictures of said knitting), listening to the sound of our retirement fund going up in smoke in the form of our heating bill this month, and spending entirely too much time on the interwebs. This results of which are that I am sick of several things around the house (pretty much everything but the living room wall color actually) and it is too cold and we are too poor to do anything about it. Which leads me to spending too much time self-flagellating on (Oh IKEA, why do you refuse to build a store closer than 5 hours from here? And if you can’t be buggered to build closer, why can you not offer all of your goods on your website?) :sigh: Guess that’s what I get for continuing to reside in the nether regions of civilization.

So instead of doing laundry or anything actually constructive, here is my current WANTlist:


1. IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp

2. IDELIG Mixing bowl

3. NORDMYRA Dining Chair

4. IKEA 365+ BRASA Pendant lamp


6. SKRIN Box with lid

7. SENIOR Casserole with lid

8. FÄRM Vase

9. IKEA PS Cabinet

10. JORUN FORM Duvet cover and pillowcase(s)

11. UNNI Rug, flatwoven

12. JORUN Rug, flatwoven

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