Legend of the Fall

laborday 264

So, yeah, I pretty much suck at this whole updating regularly thing. On the up side, it looks like Fall might actually be just around the corner, so I am sure that will help. It’s not exactly what I would call “crisp” yet, mostly just tepid and dreary, but at least it isn’t sweltering and Hell-esque.

I haven’t been totally sitting on my ass for the past couple months, my current big project is a granny hexagon afghan for us*.

hbdayblanketgbday 016hbdayblanketgbday 009hbdayblanketgbday 011

While I am using patterns and inspiration from Attic24 and Moonstitches, with yarn selection and such I am kinda flying by the seat of my pant, but it looks like I might have to end up ordering more yarn. I kinda expected as much, but still kind of a bummer, if I have to wait for it to arrive AGAIN. Patience isn’t exactly one of my virtues. (More yarn and color info at Flickr).

All that aside, I am really enjoying working on it, playing with color combinations, watching it grow. Probably my favorite project in quite a while.

I also

  • helped my Mom redesign her blog Not Quite June Cleaver.
  • got my little sister drunk for her 21st birthday.
  • am sure I did other things I can’t remember.
  • oh yeah, like turn 29!

In closing, some photos from our spending Labor Day weekend with the inlaws:

laborday 270laborday 229laborday 232laborday 242laborday 042laborday 032laborday 068laborday 139laborday 172laborday 153laborday 165laborday 210laborday 211

More can be seen at my flickr stream.

*Ok so technically I guess I do sit on my ass to crochet. Busted.

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