A productive weekend

productivesaturday 008

Usually The Husband’s and my weekend consist of either:

a) Going to visit family or
b) Spending most of the time in a near-vegetative state

This weekend, however, we decided to mix it up a bit.

We started out Friday night with an actual meal of steak and Smashed Potatoes, as opposed to our normal pizza or something else that will leave leftovers so we don’t have to cook the next day.

productivesaturday 005

Then Saturday morning is set our alarm clock (!) early enough so that we could go to the local green market and bakery (and everyone not be sold out and packing up).

Both ended up being somewhat of a disappointment. We were hoping there would be a good variety of produce at the green market, but it was mostly baked good, crafts, and just your normal old potatoes, onions, peppers, etc. which we either already had plenty of or didn’t need. Instead I spent our budget on a bouquet flowers, which I broke up into smaller bouquets to brighten up little corners of the house.

productivesaturday 006

The bakery was sold out of all their bread by the time we got done at the green market. We ended up getting them to set us back a baguette from the next batch and picked it and some various pastries up after running other errands (including a new globe for our bathroom light to replace the one I broke like 4 years ago. Yay, no more bare bulbs!) Really it turned out fine, because the baguette and pastries were to die for.

productivesaturday 043productivesaturday 047

Seriously, we didn’t even get back into the house before we had to get a taste of the baguette and obviously I didn’t make it until after the photos were taken before sampling the almond croissant. Heaven.

The evening was spent with our friends, eating spanakopita (made by my friend Marissa, SO GOOD) and watching their kids play in their pool.

Then this afternoon I made homemade donuts (recipe via Joy the Baker). They turned out pretty good for a first attempt. The chocolate glaze wasn’t quite right in my opinion (The Husband thought it was fine), but I didn’t have any bittersweet chocolate on hand, only nonsweetened and I even after monkeying around with it trying to compensate it still didn’t float my boat, so to speak. The glazed however, were spot on.

donuts 006donuts 011

Maybe after a get a couple more attempts under my belt, I can write up a tutorial. However, before I attempt again, I need to hunt me down some decent cutter. My normal biscuit cutters were the wrong sizes and I ended up having to improvise with an old meat maker thingy (which I never use to make meat pies, ironically enough) and the lid off a bottle of decorating sugar for the hole. Not the best tools for the job.

donuts 008

And after all that, I think the donut holes with cinnamon sugar ended up being my favorite part.

Oh I almost forgot, check out the supermega-awesome painting my little sister made me.

productivesaturday 034

I swear if I didn’t love her so much I would be forced to hate her very, very much.

productivesaturday 017productivesaturday 023productivesaturday 039productivesaturday 010

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I need to go see if there is a home remedy for sugar shock.

A few more photos of the flowers can be seen on my flickr photostream.

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