Family crawfish boil

There is something that happens to a person from Louisiana whenever the weather starts warming up, when the bone-chilling wind becomes a soft breeze. Like a bell to Pavlov’s dog, Spring means crawfish boil time.

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So Sunday morning my Daddy and sister drive down south to pick some up and, mein Gott, were they good.

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Mom’s kitty Julius wasn’t so sure about this. We thought for sure he would at least try to play with it, but one poke on the nose was enough for him to lose all interest.

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One word of caution: You do not want crawfish spice in your eyes, peel with care.

Even so, it was a beautiful day, and great eating and fun was had by all.

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By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, my sisters are insane.

And Happy April’s Fool Day!

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