Exercise in frustration

Isn’t the recipe box my mom bought me too cute? It makes me way to type up every recipe I have on some cute little recipe cards.

I finally, finally, finally have the new design done and implemented. It took exponentially longer than I thought it would*, but I am quite happy with it for now. I don’t even know why it took so long, I had the mock-up done in a day or so and the bulk of the layout marked up in the same. See, this is the problem with being crazy, you get so wrapped up in details that the next thing you know it’s 6 hours later and you still haven’t figured out why <insert element here> is being a total <insert expletive here>. Plus, for someone who isn’t employed, I seem to be really busy lately. Anywho, it’s all done now.

What else? Oh I hope everyone had a good Easter. We spent it will our families. Good stuff


Also, while we were at my parents I finally remembered to get some pictures of the amigurumi baboon I made my sisters a couple years ago. His name is Clarence and he is a very long story that I could not even begin to do justice, but he has a fanny pack so I guess that goes without saying. Even without the story, I think he’s pretty cute.


Of course, he has a bright red baboon butt.

*doesn’t it always?

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