Yes we did!

The Husband and I just got back from voting! Fortunately, we had no problems, no lines, no nothing. Unfortunately, that means no good blogging fodder.

Well one small thing, apparently I am registered to vote under my married name and my picture id is under my maiden name. I have no idea why I am registered under my married name, I guess that’s what I filled out when we last moved and they didn’t check it against my id? It didn’t prevent me from casting my ballot but they did suggest that for clarity’s sake, I probably should have it changed one way or the other match.

The ironic part is that when I called after we got married to have it changed on my Social Security card, I was told that I would need it to be on my ID/Driver’s license and then the next time I went to get a new ID I was going to change it, but was told it would have to be on my Social Security first. So I just never got around to investigating it further. I just wish that I had gotten the names of both of the people that I spoke to, because obviously one of them is an idiot who is giving out false information to the public.

I can’t wait to start seeing the numbers start coming in this evening!

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