Reemerging, now with a totally awesome living room


Ok first of all a few things I have learned since my last post:

  1. No matter how liberal your estimate, it will take at least twice as long.
  2. Dust is my least favorite substance EVER.
  3. I am pretty sure manual labor isn’t my bag.
  4. I have a tendency, when working on a project, to lose all perspective. Sometimes good enough really is good enough.
  5. A decent ceiling fan is a magical thing.
  6. A few house plants really do make a huge difference.
  7. Whoever invented acoustic “popcorn” ceiling should have their sack nailed to the ceiling.

In retrospect, it was all worth it, but there were definitely times during the process where I didn’t know if that would be the case or not. The sanding and scraping of the ceiling was most assuredly the low point. I don’t think, with the exception of gall bladder attacks, I have ever been so miserable.

I started by removing the cheap (at least I hope the previous owners didn’t pay much for it, it sure looked cheap), poorly installed crown molding, to find yet more molding. That actually ended up being a good thing since we had thought we would have to install trim after painting but I was able to patch what was there enough to be presentable.



After all the molding was down, and what seemed like a million nails in various stages of rust were removed, came the ceiling work. What a bitch. Put on fogged up goggles, a head cover, and a dust mask, roll around in some wet chalk dust, now stand on a ladder and hold various tools and implements above your head for several hours a day for a week or so and you will just about have the experience captured.


Next was all the wiping down, sanding, caulking, spackling, and patching of the walls and trim. The time between the beginning of the ceiling scraping and the priming was a period of at least a couple weeks (I literally lost all sense of time) but I don’t have many pictures of this time because my entire world became dust and dirt and I was too paranoid about getting the camera grimy to do any documenting.

Ah, and then after the final wipe down, came my favorite part (seriously, I am not being sarcastic at all) priming and painting. I find the process of priming and painting almost…meditative. Maybe it’s the OCD and/or my obsession with color but there is just something about the transformative powers of paint I find therapeutic


There are still a few things that I need to do before I can call it “done”. I need to hang pictures and art on the walls, since I took these pictures, we have installed the new ceiling fan, eventually we are going to paint the front and closet doors. We couldn’t decide whether to just paint them the trim color or so something a little more adventurous. We also would like to buy a new rug (leaning towards FLOR tiles) and perhaps a coffee table for the first time since we’ve been married.

Overall, the English language can not fully express how happy I am with the results. I think this is the most “me” room I have ever had.






Notes: The credenza/dresser/tv stand was my grandparents’, it was part of their bedroom suit they bought when they got married. The bench was built for us by my husband’s grandfather. The white vase and white ceramic bowl thingy¬† were my grandmother’s (a set of two), the blue miniature pitcher on the shelf and little pine straw basket on the tv stand were made by my great aunt (grandmother’s sister) and the Eiffel Tower was a souvenir my parents brought back for me from their trip to France earlier this year. The little ducks I found at a local antique store and the fish we bought in Jamaica.

Edited: I wanted to add a picture with the new ceiling fan and a rough mock up of what I was thinking for above the couch.



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