Good Deed Tip of the Day


Today’s tip: Always have an extra set of keys hidden in a safe place outside of your house. Whether at a trusted neighbor’s house, with a friend, in a safe (that does not require its own key), or some combination thereof. Because if you don’t, you will lock yourself out of your house at 7 o’ clock in the evening on a Sunday during a holiday weekend.

It all started yesterday evening when we dropped by our friends’ house to retrieve some tools they had borrowed. We arrive back home, I unlock the door and set the tools (and keys) inside, promptly get distracted by something in the yard and end up shutting the door. No big deal, right? Do it all the time.

Except this time, when I was jiggling the key to get it out of the lock, I somehow managed to relock the door before shutting. So there we were, every key we possess inside the house, the car also locked up tight (damned clicker thingies). So this is were the fun begins.

First, we think to ourselves “It’s fine, we’ll just go in through the garage” which then leads us to remembering that the garage door opener in the old truck…which is in the garage.  Ok, maybe we can brute force the garage door open. Nope, not even, will open a whopping 2 inches. Fine, garage is out….window? Nope, all windows in the house have long been painted shut by the rocket surgeons who previously owned the house. Extra keys? Both sets of parents have keys (30 miles away)…to the old lock which we replaced a couple of years ago. Did you take a key to the office when we changed the lock? Maybe. A maybe I will take.

So we borrowed our good neighbor’s cellphone to call aforementioned friend to ask if he could pretty please with sugar on top come pick us up and take us to the office to see if there was a key there. There is one! Voila! A key…to the old lock. /headdesk Ok maybe the old key fits more that just the front door and we just don’t remember? Worth a try. So Friend takes us back to the house with said key. Just for shits and giggle, we test it on the front door to no avail. Side door? Nada. Back door? No dice. About this time we decided to name any future children/pets we had after Willis Haviland Carrier.

We now proceed to verifying that indeed every single window that can be reached is painted shut (yep), we knock around the idea of breaking a window pane and have Friend’s youngest daughter climb through to unlock the door (very last resort), perhaps we could knock one of the older knobs off (second to last resort). Somewhere in all this Husband and Friend discover that on the back (double doors) while they are locked together, the bolt on the top of the door isn’t locked, just the bottom one. Without going into too much detail, we FINALLY got the bottom bolt undone and were able to open the back doors.

Yay for not having to call a locksmith at night on a holiday weekend or have to break out your own window!

As an aside, I now feel much safer. Anyone else would have given up trying to get into the house much sooner,  our neighbors would have definitely seen them before they got very far.

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