And the Lord said…


What to do when experiencing yet another blackout, this time at midnight on one of, if not THE, hottest day of the year so far, in the middle of a Weeds episode?

Well, first, stumble around like Helen Keller in a prosthetic hand factory, looking for the torch you use to light the grill so that you can spend another 10 minutes or so trying to remember where you left the flashlight.

Then you drive around for a while to assess how widespread the blackout is, hurling curses and insults at those who still have lights, basking in your vehicle’s a/c. You also remark on the fact that, oddly enough, traffic actually seems a lot better when there are no traffic lights.

You come home, sit around, bitching and moaning. You decide to play with your camera in low light for a while. This amusement can only last so long however, because you only lit just enough candles to not be in total darkness so that the house doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to, say oh…the surface of the sun only, ya know, darker.


Finally, exhausted, you decide to just call it a night. Nevermind that you will have to lay on top of the covers and that it’s so quiet you are pretty sure you can hear the past. You take turns brushing your teeth by flashlight. You say good night, turn out the flashlight, sigh and wonder why this never happens in the winter when at least you could bundle up and go to sleep. You wonder how long it will take before you will be able to render yourself unconscious. Sigh.

Then, like at the end of a horror movie, you are bathed in glorious light. Sure, your retinas are now permanently scarred but you don’t care because your skin is now being caressed by moving air. You play Paper Rock Scissors to see who has to go make sure all the lights are turned off, you win. And then you sleep the sleep of the climate-controlled.


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